Sunday, December 4, 2016

Conspiracy-Theorizing, Clinton-Style

Not all "conspiracy theorists" are "right-wing," apparently.


apsterian said...

Conspiratorial, Sinful, Tragic Is Nature Of Humanity

Well, "conspiracy-theory" is a buzz-phrase, obviously, easily analyzed, in all truth, which worked for some, for a while, for easily-understood reasons, given circumstances, like lack of I-net, etc.

Thus "conspiracy-theory," the buzz-phrase, came-out during the 60s, pushed by CIA and -connected Jews-media, even before Watergate (consp.) scandal, when US Dollar was still strong and dominating. But even then, it was still easily, readily noted New Test. contains consp. theory of Pharisees and Sadducees against Christ = truth, and Dec. of Independence wherein Jefferson described consp. of King and Parliament.

Note Karl Marx alluded to consp. on part of "capitalists." (Andrew) Jacksonian Democrats decried the consp. of corporations and the central bank (BUS). Don't forget the Consp. of Cataline as prosecuted by Cicero, and before that the conspiracies of Hippias and Hipparchus, as decried by Solon.

So consp. theory meme has been around since the beginning, but it was captured, streamlined and weaponized into a leftist/NWO (New world order) meme due to the hegemony over the mass-media prior to the present I-net which I-net now has definitively dissected it for far more massive audience/market.

Who then are foremost conspirators?--SATANISTS (extreme subjectivists). Who are foremost satanists (subjectivists)?--Jews and masons, Jews, most organized, -connected, and cohesive, taking precedence for obvious reasons; see

How do satanists come to dominate?--by means of criminal consp. What's foremost criminal activity?--central-banking which affords nearly (but not quite) infinite funding/financing which allows control ownership of everything and nearly everyone, even if only by threat/suggestion of assassination which even Ron Paul must observe.

And the false prosperity of a now corrupt and degenerate economic system inexorably induced by central-banking ineluctably corrupts practically an entire population, creating monsters, as we see, working for such as Agenda-21 genocide ("pop.-reduction").

The Clintons?--they simply constitute and epitomize most perfectly the very sort of satanism, hence conspiracy to be understood as exemplary case-in-pt.--all it requires is a simple listing of the various details journalists have collected. Of course, it doesn't stop w. Clintons, but continues w. such as George Soros, Jew. And don't forget, Trump himself, even though he's understood as dragon-slayer of Clintons, is closely connected w. Jews, his own progeny married in w. them, his daughter having even apostatized.

For humans are sinners, and the more successful, victorious, and "prosperous" they become, through inevitable hubris, the more satanic, hence conspiratorial they are. Greeks always warned of the Tragic ("sinful," according to Christians) nature of human existence.

What is Christian salvation, regarding this satanic conspiracy?--there is "no honor among thieves," and they inevitably fall-out, fighting one another--as we see. For it's simply CYCLIC activity, according to Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West," and when civilization begins again, the conspiratorial activity likewise increases. Thus tragic, sinful humanity strives, suffers, fails and falls.

apsterian said...

"Consp. Theory": Old Meme, Destroyed By I-Net

Note "consp. theory" is a buzz-phrase meme fm 60s through the cent. to first yrs this (21st) millennium, now dead and gone, done-in by mighty I-net--precisely why now ZOG wants to remove or heavily censor such I-net, the original "fake-news" now, which "fake-news" meme seems to be the attempted replacement of dead-and-gone "consp. theory" dis-info.

Additionally, note "right-wing consp." is impossible given such "right-wing" was never anything but the victims of the powers behind CENTRAL-BANKING (see for expo), legalized counterfeiting, the only real, serious possible consp. of any substance.

But since the central-bankers (legalized counterfeiting) control everything, of necessity and by definition, as they have nearly un-limited funding (of currency, not real money), including the Jews-media, they are capable of making-up and continuing to repeating and pushing such "right-wing consp." fiction on their Jews-media.

Clintons were foremost front-men/mouth-pieces for such satanic, "money-power" bankers, criminals, conspirators, and psychopaths.

apsterian said...

Clinton is now four-square for censorship, see

Here's vid: