Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Noam Chomsky Reminds: Clintons Are Republicans

See, e.g., Noam Chomsky, "Rollback," part 1, Z Magazine, Jan., 1995,


apsterian said...

Clintons Are Criminals Who Pander, Buy Votes, Don't Care About Ideology

So I read the cited article, but the only relevant sentence is in the ninth paragraph down, "Clinton-style “New Democrats” — in effect, moderate Republicans...."

And that entire article section, "part 1," by Chomsky is merely an attempted sociologic analysis of the voters in terms of gov. spending, distinguishing btwn "corp. welfare" and military spending favored by alleged "republicans" against presumed leftist favoring "social welfare," Clinton now favoring the military-corp. sector, hence pandering to "republicans," according to Chomsky's analysis.

So it's all a word-game for Chomsky and his analysis founded upon pandering and buying of votes based on gov. spending.

To be sure, Chomsky otherwise seems to make lots of sense for his general expo in his article esp. for sociology and general voting analysis, but the comment on Clinton and Republican is negligible and idle.

Clintons are actually just gross criminals and demagogues fronting for the criminal corp. oligarchy led by the monopolist and criminal central bank. And it's surely true, as Chomsky indicates, Clintons are expert panderers, but this has little to do w. actual ideology and "Republicans."

Liberty Bell said...

Indeed, the Clintons *are* criminals! You'll get no argument from me, there. See