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Planned Parenthood & Big Pharma: When Liberals Ignore 'Corporate Influence'

A recent headline from the liberal website declares: "GOP's Case Against Planned Parenthood Collapses: Jason Chaffetz Admits He Uncovered No Wrongdoing,"[1]

According to the (also liberal) Huffington Post, "Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said Thursday that the GOP's investigation into Planned Parenthood's use of federal funds hasn't turned up anything. 'Did I look at the finances and have a hearing specifically as to the revenue portion and how they spend? Yes. Was there any wrongdoing? I didn't find any,' he said during a Judiciary Committee hearing on the family planning provider."[2]

Conspicuously absent from both presentations was any discussion of the question of what financial backing Rep. Chaffetz enjoys - and whence it issues.

This ought to seem somewhat strange. Those characterized (usefully or not) as politically "left-of-center" often (and not without warrant) lament the disproportionate power exerted in politics by plutocrats. For instance, U.S. President William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton's former Secretary of Labor and American economist, Robert Reich, warns that "[e]conomic and political power can’t be separated because dominant corporations gain political influence over how markets are maintained and enforced...".[3]

The popular "...Occupy Wall Street movement was borne out of outrage against income inequality and corporate influence over government."[4]

Yet, beside receiving money from the usual suspcts (including, without limitation, unspecified "Accountants," "Law Firms" and "Lobbyists"), Chaffetz collected sizeable contributions from donors working in the pharmaceutical industry.[5]

The watchdog website reported that Chaffetz received $28,000 from "Pharmaceuticals" alone. In fact, we read that, except for what he obtained from such other bland sources as those issuing from "Insurance," "Lobbyists" and "Misc Business," Chaffetz accepted more money ($38,500) from the "Health" field than any other listed.[6]

To put these numbers in perspective, roughly stated, Chaffetz - a Republican - received between 6 and 8 times more more from persons working in "pharmaceuticals" and "health" than from donors with declared interests in "Gun Rights" and "Oil & Gas."[7]

It would be interesting to discover more about Chaffetz's connections to Big Pharma. After all, Planned Parenthood certainly advertises itself as involved in the field of "health." One statement reads: "Planned Parenthood health centers around the country offer you the health care you need."[8]

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Planned Parenthood seemingly also gets a "pass" from having to defend itself against the usual liberal, "anti-corporate" scrutiny.[9]

This is the case even though Planned Parenthood is far from a "mom and pop" operation. In its "Annual Report" for 2013-2014, it reported a total revenue stream of $1,303,400,000.[10]

Of course, Planned Parenthood (famously or infamously) claims that abortions comprise only 3% of its "services."[11] This claim has been analyzed and criticized elsewhere.[12]

For present purposes, let us assume that the 3% figure is true. Planned Parenthood further claims that 34% of its services are describable with the term "Contraception."[13]

Given Planned Parenthood's claims to be a "health center" and to have received 34% of its revenue from pharmaceutical "contraceptives," it seems interesting (and possibly highly relevant) that Jason Chaffetz - tasked with "investigating" Planned Parenthood for possible abuses - receives a considerable portion of his contributions from undisclosed persons and agencies operating in the fields of "health" and "pharmaceuticals."

I will give the final word to Rose Holz, professor of "gender studies" at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. In her The Birth Control Clinic in a Marketplace World, in which she discusses "the new collaboration between [abortion and birth control] clinics and [pharmaceutical] manufacturers," she writes: "[I]t is clear that a dramatic new relationship [is] now emerging between Planned Parenthood and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry... [T]he organization at all its levels saw in pharmaceutical companies an amazing source of power...".[14]

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It appears therefore that any dismissive rejoinder, to the effect that Planned Parenthood, being a "non-profit," cannot be counted as "corporate influence," simply won't do. Else, the Koch Brothers' non-profits would seemingly be harmless as well.

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apsterian said...

"Rationalization," Hubris, Corruption, Monopolization Natural Course Of CYCLIC Cultural "Decline Of West"

Observe the larger process going-on within which PP (planned parenthood) and Big Pharma operate. Note "liberals" are literally just paid cheer-leaders and "yes-men," synonymous w. "progressives," "advanced-thinkers," "cool-people," and trendies who follow latest fashion. "Liberals" and "liberalism" is mere face of the satanic fascism we're up against.

The "process" then is the general, on-going consolidation, "rationalization" of sociologist, Max Weber, centralization, BUT most succinctly MONOPOLIZATION, as in economics. And this general monopolization is natural end of one-world gov. and dictatorship following and based-upon the top-most monopoly of fiat-money and CENTRAL-BANKING, as US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) legalized COUNTERFEITING. See and for expo on Fed and central-banking.

Thus the powers which literally "create" currency (not real money) will and must rule as they can always out-spend anyone else. This about PP and Big Pharma is merely exemplary case-in-pt., following policy of the powers behind the currency-creators (legalized COUNTERFEITING). Note this consolidation and monopolization is inexorable, un-stoppable, irresistible--nothing else, and no one else's opinion counts or matters. Corporations then are simply the agents of these criminal powers behind the legalized COUNTERFEITING.

Style to this inexorable dictatorship and monopolization ("rationalism") is "liberal" and socialist as this is what powers consider best public relations. Thus the arguments of Tom Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and all the other champions of real money are demonstrated: real freedom requires real, honest money, commodity-based, hence gold/silver. Dictatorship makes use of that criminal enterprise of central-banking, legalized COUNTERFEITING, and ALWAYS, it is accompanied by the trendy, stylish, "liberalism" and trendy glibness and "advanced-thinking."

Thus if and as the civilization and population becomes corrupt and hubristic, the corrupted people become evermore subject to the slick and stylized propaganda in favor of fiat-money and central-banking--as we see simply fm history of USA, utterly destroyed in 1865, even though the economy continued to produce at amazing rate, giving cover for the criminality w. phony "prosperity."

Such then is the fullest demonstration of "process" of history: it's CYCLIC, as noted by Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West." Thus the civilization, as of the Romans, is first built upon honesty of the people and the honest, commodity-based money, but which inexorably gives way to HUBRIS, corruption, and debasement, as literally of the money which system is seized by criminals and monopolists using lies and glib propaganda to fooling the dumbed-down people in midst of distractions and entertainment ("bread and circuses") of evermore phony "prosperity"--as we see presently.