Friday, September 14, 2012

Ronald Reagan: Hero for (Christian) "Conservatives"?

"[H]ere the perception of too many people is based on an image, not reality. 
Indeed, to them the perception is reality"
~ Ronald Reagan

"Politics is just like show business." 
~ Ronald Reagan
("A number of civilian targets were hit in the raids". BBC)

Ronnie introduced televised bomb campaigns: "[I]n April 1986 the US Air Force bombed Libya, killing dozens of civilians. ... [T]he US bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi...[was] the first bombing in history enacted for prime time TV -- no slight logistical feat: the bombers were denied the right to cross France and had to take a long detour over the Atlantic to arrive just in time for the evening news. After showing the exciting scenes of the cities in flames, the TV channels switched to Washington, for sober discussion of how the US was defending itself from Libyan terror, under the newly devised doctrine of 'selfdefense against future attack.' ...The media were ...polite enough not to notice the curious timing. ... Entirely irrelevant is that no credible evidence was laid out [for Libyan responsibility in the attack on a German disco] and that the 'jury' was quite skeptical, particularly in Germany itself, where intensive investigation had found no evidence at all; or that the jury was calling on the executioner to refrain from any action.The bombing of Libya was neatly timed for a congressional vote on aid to the US-run terrorist force attacking Nicaragua." Source
 Pictured: "Astrologer" Joan Quigley, Adviser to the Reagans

"In her book, What Does Joan Say? My Seven Years as White House Astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan (1990), Quigley made far-reaching claims. She advised Nancy Reagan from 1981 through 1989 and is sure that her astrological advice decided the timing of key political events, including speeches, televised campaign debates, the signing of arms control treaties, and even the dates for Ronald Reagan's cancer surgery and the announcement that he would run for a second term. Quigley claims that Air Force One would only take off if she reported a favorable alignment of the planets and that she sometimes also gave the president and his wife political advice. Quigley states, 'I was responsible for timing all press conferences, most speeches, the State of the Union addresses, the take-offs and landing of Air Force One…. I picked the time of Ronald Reagan's debate with Carter and the two debates with Walter Mondale, all extended trips abroad, as well as the shorter trips and one-day excursions, the announcement that Reagan would run for a second term, and briefings for all the summits except Moscow.' Quigley also claims credit for influencing the president's favorable view of the Soviet leader Gorbachev, whose astrological chart indicated a genuine reformer." Source

"[T]he core of Ronald Reagan's constituency were rock-ribbed religious conservatives whose leaders would bolt the Reagan majority if they thought their president were being controlled by a diviner." (Joel Martin and William J. Birnes, Haunting of the Presidents, p. 307.) "Reagan's former White House Chief of Staff, Donald T. Regan, was the first to expose the Quigley influence over the Reagan White House: 'I wrote about astrology because it was an essential truth about the way the Reagan's operated. It was a daily, sometimes hourly factor in every decision affecting the President's schedule...she who controls the President's schedule controls the workings of the presidency.'" (qtd. in Michael A. Hoffman, Witches and Rabbis: The Legacy of the Reagan White House, p. 8.)


As I have previously noted: "Author Will Bunch writes that 'conservative revolutionary' Republican President Ronald Reagan 'invested no real political capital...on the...right-to-life movement...'. 'In fact,' Bunch goes on, '...Reagan ensured the long-term future of legalized abortion in America when he named Sandra Day O'Connor as his first nominee for the Supreme Court...'. '...O'Connor would...uphold a woman's legal right to an abortion...over a twenty-four year career on the court.' This should not, however, have surprised those who monitored Reagan's political career closely. 'As California governor...Reagan...[signed] the bill on legalized abortion in the Golden State...'." See my previous post "Message to Christian Voters: McCain is every bit as anti "life" as Obama".

Why do so many "right-wingers" "remember" Reagan as a pillar of Conservative values? Perhaps the public mind can contract Alzheimer's. Or perhaps they're just using a favorite line of Reagan's:

"I don't recall."
~ Ronald Reagan (repeated statement during his "Iran-Contra" testimony)

"Nancy and Ronald Reagan. Credit: AP Photo"

For more information, see Michael Hoffman's illustrated pamphlet:

"Counters an ocean of revolting hype about Reagan, emanating from schizophrenic "Conservatives" who have been leading Americans from one disaster to another with their double-minded insanity. Here is the dossier that shatters the Reagan myth and declares the truth about the "Great Betrayer." Contents: Reagan's Kosher Cash Cow; Greatest Presidential Friend of the Israelis; Patron Saint of the Holohoax Lobby; Reagan the Liar; The Witch of the White House; Reagan: Sponsor of Martin Luther King; Reagan, Bankers & the U.S. as Cheap Labor Colony; Menachem Schneerson: Reagan's False Messiah; Saddam's Ally--Reagan; The "Commie Fighter" who worked for the Commies."

"Facts are stupid things."
~ Ronald Reagan


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